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Chenda melam has a very rich heritage in the cultural history of our country. The music of Gods Own Country owes its origin to the ancient, illustrious traditional heritage of the land and the unique culture of the people,We hold programmes all over the country with utter dedication and passion, and uphold high standards of this heritage.We also do kerela rich heritage programs in chenda melam, panchavadyam, kathakali, thayambaga,singarimelam,velichepadu thullal, udukku pattu ,puli kalietc,.We are the best and number one team in india .Your perfect search for kerela art forms ends here. now our team in hyderabad. Why waiting dail now 09884436365 For addvance booking

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Thayambaka chenda performance in which the main player at the centre improvises rhythmically on the beats of a few chenda and ilathalam players around. this developed in the south Indian state of Kerala.Thayambaka today has its masters ranging from veterans to youngsters. To name a few, they include Sadanam Vasudevan, Kalloor Ramankutty Marar, Pallassana Ponnukutta Marar, Kalamandalam Balaraman, Mattannur Sankarankutty Marar etc.Thayambaka, like panchavadyam or most chenda melams, is primarily a temple art, but it is also performed outside shrines like on proscenium stages, open fields or pagentry grounds. As a ritual temple art, thayambaka is performed mostly at the annual festivals soon after the sunset ritual of deeparadhana inside the sanctum sanctorum, following which the deity is brought to the nadappura . In such cases too, artful exhibition of skills remain prominent, yet the performance is regarded as an offering to the presiding god/goddess